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Family Owned and Operated Pharmacy in Gettysburg, PA​

Laslow's Pharmacy is a locally and independently owned full-service pharmacy in Gettysburg, PA. We offer convenient service with a personal touch. Come speak with one of our professional pharmacists for more information on our medications and medical supplies. We ensure friendly and professional service!
Ernie and Dona Laslow moved to the Hanover-Gettysburg area 30 years ago to establish independently owned and operated apothecary-type pharmacies. Our competent and caring pharmacy staff strive to meet the medication needs of our patients as they arise.
Pharmacist — Pharmacy in Gettysburg, PA
With many patients taking multiple medications, vitamins, herbal products, and supplements a need for expert monitoring to prevent conflicts and adverse events arises. Or perhaps special training is needed to administer medications or assistance required to insure that all medication is taken at the proper time.
Along with your physician, your pharmacist has the expertise to assist you in taking medications properly and safely. A comprehensive medication management review is available at Laslow's. Call and make an appointment today.


Deliveries to your door

We care about our community and their medical needs so much that we are happy to deliver your prescriptions to your door! You won't find that kind of service at many other pharmacies.